All meals at Kinderview are home cooked on the premises by our cook. Meals are well planned for young children’s specific nutritional needs and cater for any special diet your child may require.

Meal times are as followed:

  • Breakfast is served between 7.30 and 8.30
  • Mid morning snack around 10.15
  • 2 course lunch at 12.00
  • Mid afternoon snack at 2.00
  • Light tea at 4.00

Our menus are reviewed regularly with an emphasis on fresh locally sourced produce, we offer a variety of dishes rotated every two weeks. Menu’s are changed according to the season to develop children’s tastes and to provide a range of dishes that are all nutritionally balanced.


We provide formula milk and weaning foods designed to meet the needs of the individual child.

We work closely with parents to ensure babies in the different stages of weaning are well provided for.

We always ask parents to try different foods for the first time before we try them at nursery to make sure any intolerance’s are noticed at home first.

Staff are trained to understand the specific dietary requirements of different aged children, and to help children learn about food and make healthy informed choices.

Children at nursery regularly get involved in making their own delicious meals including homemade pizza’s and soups using herbs they have grown themselves.

Further advice on meal planning for the under fives can be found at:

Take a look at our sample menus…