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What makes Kinderview Marple unique?

Learn about Kinderview children’s day nursery in Marple

With an emphasis on outdoor play and learning, there are endless opportunities for creativity and imagination at our Kinderview children’s day nursery in Marple.

Here you can view our Kinderview Marple nursery introductory video, with full transcript below.

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At the heart of Kinderview’s ethos is that every child and their family are treated as individuals. We have a strong key worker system where every child and their family are supported right from their settling in sessions, and as they progress through the nursery.

We are very proud of our entire team of dedicated staff that work extremely hard every day to ensure our nursery continues to be outstanding in everything we do.

We recognise that happy contented children are ready to learn. We work hard to really get to know your child, their likes and dislikes, their preferred learning styles, and all about their family. In this way we can best plan activities they will enjoy and that stretch and challenge your child’s learning and development at nursery, and best prepare them for school life and beyond.

Outdoor learning is our passion. Outdoor learning complements indoor learning and is equally important. Play and learning at Kinderview flows seamlessly between the indoors and outdoors enabling our children to make the most of the resources and materials available to them, and develop their ideas without unnecessary interruption.

Outdoor learning encompasses all that children do, see, hear, or feel, in their outdoor space. This includes the experiences that practitioners create and plan for, the spontaneous activities that children initiate, and the naturally occurring cyclical opportunities linked to the seasons, weather, and nature.

Healthy lifestyles and diet are very important to us. We carefully plan menus that are nutritionally balanced and offer a wide range of different foods, to help children’s palates adapt to the different flavours and textures on offer. The children also grow their own fruit and vegetables in their kitchen garden to use in recipes. All dietary requirements are catered for.

Young children learn through play-based activities. We see everything at nursery as a learning experience, from learning how to climb on to a low rocker in babies, to being able to ride and pedal a bike in preschool. From holding finger foods in babies and practising their fine motor skills of bringing their hand holding the food to their mouth, to using a knife and fork in preschool.

The social side of nursery is also very important. Children learn to cooperate with each other, firstly playing alongside and gradually playing with other children, making friendships and developing complex play.

Practitioners skilfully support children’s play, helping the children to develop their language and communication skills. Children learn about different cultures through our festival days.

We hope you agree that Kinderview nursery is a fantastic place for young children to be truly cared for. Please get in touch if you would like to know more, or to book a nursery place for your child.

Thank you.

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