We recognise that you are the expert when it comes to your child as you know them best, but it makes a real difference to a child’s learning when parents and professionals consistently communicate and work together.

At Kinderview we work closely with our parents involving them in all aspects of the nursery. We also ask parents to get involved especially with their child’s Learning Journey – https://famly.co/blog/features/feature-spotlight-parent-communication/

A learning journey is a celebration of a child’s achievements and interests during the time they spend at Kinderview and shows the journey of a child’s learning and development through carefully chosen, dated and sequenced: observations. annotated photographs. snapshots of significant achievements.

Kinderview’s Learning Book is a fully digital and interactive diary that enables your child’s Key Person to record detailed observations of your child. Parents can login via a secure website and view the progress their child is making at nursery. Parents can also make and record their own observations of their child. This 3-way interaction between the child, parents and nursery enables everyone to be kept totally informed, embraces technology and bridges the gap between learning at home and at nursery.